Publications FY2008

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  • T. Aoki: Real-Time Tsunami Simulation by using GPU, the Second International Conference on Geoinformation Technology for Natural Disaster Management and Rehabilitation , 2009, Jan 30, Bangkok, Thailand 【Keynote Lecture】
  • 【Plenary Lecture】T. Aoki: Remarkable Speed-up of CFD Applications by
    GPU Computing, 13th International Annual Symposium on Computational
    Science and Engineering, March 25, 2009, Bangkok, Thailand.
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  • Sachiko Aida-Hyugaji, Haruka Izumi, Tetsuhiro Kusakabe, Yoko Fujita-Yamaguchi (Tokai Univ.): 3D structure modeling of Tn-antigen specific antibodies, MLS128 and 83D4, CBI Annual Meeting 2008 International Symposium, Tokyo, Oct. 2008
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